GrainLogic stocks the quality Hawes Agro 4 Wheel Mover, a unit that has been designed so that it fits between the legs of most above ground hoppers with the four wheels giving a greater freedom of movement.

Features of the 4 Wheel Mover include a hydraulic drive that is mounted to the winch in place of the winch handle. All the hydraulic controls are in one location and are at waist level at all times so no matter how high or low the auger is the controls are always right in front of you.

The four wheeled mover has to wheels that steer and two wheels that castor. Both sets of wheels are on walking beams that walk over uneven ground, with the walking beams function independently of each other.

High quality Eaton gear pumps are used to supply the hydraulic power to the system.  Different flow rates are available. The pump is attached to a universal mounting bracket that fits most gas engines. The intake lift assembly has lots of lift when it is lifted to its maximum. This allows you to service the head end of the auger easily.