The massive task of moving grain is made easy with augers supplied by GrainLogic. We are the sole distributor of the premium Canadian Meridian grain auger range – a renowned, trusted and quality grain auger product. We can provide clients throughout Australia with conventional augers and swing away augers depending on the product you need.

The conventional auger supplied by GrainLogic is a durable and versatile piece of equipment that can handle almost any situation. Its frame design allows for better weight distribution and increased stability while the reliable, heavy duty parts deliver unparalleled performance.

We are the sole distributor of the renowned Canadian company, Meridian, industry leaders with a proven track record of reliability and quality. Specifications of the Meridian Conventional Auger can be viewed here, outlining details of the model.


The GrainLogic swing away grain auger is a scissor lift mechanical driver grain auger that can move your grain from paddock to a grain silo or storage with ease. We are the sole Australian supplier of Meridian grain augers, a premium Canadian product which has been proven to be efficient, long lasting and designed for easy maintenance.

For more information on the swing away grain auger, see the Meridian grain auger specifications which includes details of these grain augers.

GrainLogic is a quality grain auger business that also provides auger moving kits, grain silos, grain augers and grain auger accessories. Contact us for more information.