Greg Dickens from Berrigan, NSW, Australia

I'm very happy with the strength, and capacity of my new ConveyAll 1645TL.” 


Peter and Jonno Hicks of Hannaton Merino Stud from Kaniva. Victoria, Australia

“We love our new ConveyAll 1652.5TL. It have great capacity, and runs very smoothly. Very happy with our choice of Conveyor.” 


David Mitchell from Clare, South Australia, Australia

“The ConveyAll 52' Conveyor is everything I needed. It is efficient and has big capacity. Very Happy with Fabian Dennis at WSB Distributors of Clare, SA.” 


Ian Farms from Willaura, Victoria, Australia

“High Capacity. Truckies love using it. Easy into paddocks. Very user friendly.” 


Ian & Will Farm from Carisbrook, Victoria, Australia


Augers are quick and work well, the 250mt silos added convenience and logistics to our harvest operation. The segregation of crop is very beneficial.”


David Farms from Lah, Victoria, Australia


“I’m really amazed at how smooth this Auger runs, there’s just no vibration when it’s operating, I can do everything I need to with this one Auger.”


Southern Grain Storage Pty. Ltd., Winchlesea, Victoria, Australia


“We’re very pleased with the performance of the MERIDIAN 12” x 72ft swing away Auger, its capacity to move grain has exceeded our expectations. whilst using lower horsepower requirements than anticipated.”


Brad Farms from Lake Grace, Western Australia


“Just what we wanted. Capacity is unbelievable. Mover is very easy to use. All in all it’s been a terrific Auger."


Bruce Farms from Raywood, Victoria, Australia


“I think it’s terrific really, It’s an ideal size. Easy to line up to the silos because it’s so stable. The turn around time from the field worked well.”