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Conventional Augers

Meridian’s heavy-duty conventional grain augers are built to be efficient and versatile, accommodating any job.

Our frame design allows for better weight distribution, which makes it easier to move the auger and provides stability when the auger is operating in the raised position.

At Meridian, we want to help our customers get their work done faster, safer and more efficiently. Our products are designed with the features that farmers need and constructed using high-quality parts and industry-leading manufacturing techniques, meaning that our augers keep performing, season after season.

  • Continuous Super Edge Flighting on augers up to 53 ft.
  • Unique heavy duty less constricting auger tube connection
  • Original patented holder of self-leveling motor mount
  • Heavy duty reversing gearboxes are standard equipment
  • Heavy duty frame built using structural tubing
  • Premium powder coated finish on augers and components
  • Gas or Diesel Engines
  • Spring-Loaded Belt Idler
  • Load and unload Bins / Silos
  • Load Trucks and Trailers
Accessories & Options
  • LED light kit
  • Meridian heavy duty frame mount mover includes hydraulic winch
  • Electric engine clutches
  • Poly spout
  • Shifter kit
  • Hydraulic bin sweep plumbing kit
  • Shovel holder


Height ALength CLength DLength E + F
ModelUnder-CarriageEngineTube Dia.CapacityRaisedLoweredRaisedLoweredRaisedLoweredTube Length
HD8-39A-Frame35HP Kohler8"90 tonne p/hr7.2m2.6m5.9m6.6m4.1m4.6m11.5m
HD8-53A-Frame35HP Kohler8"90 tonne p/hr9.6m3.4m7.2m9m5.5m8.5m15.5m
HD10-39A-Frame35HP Kohler10"180 tonne p/hr7.2m2.6m5.9m6.6m4.1m4.6m11.5m
HD10-46A-Frame35HP Kohler10"180 tonne p/hr8.4m3m6.3m7.9m4.6m5.7m13.5m
HD10-53A-Frame35HP Kohler10"180 tonne p/hr9.6m3.4m7.2m9m5.5m6.5m15.5m
HD10-59A-Frame35HP Kohler10"180 tonne p/hr10.8m3.9m8.1m10.3m6m7.2m17.5m
HD12-39A-Frame35HP Kohler12"300 tonne p/hr7.2m2.6m5.9m6.6m4.1m4.6m11.5m