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Double Corrugated
Cone Bottom Silos

Meridian Hopper bottom silos offer superior strength and durability offering efficiency in clean out procedures. Modernize your existing flat at bottom storage by eliminating shovelling and increasing storage capacity. With a hopper cone you get a seamless interior with a full 40-degree slope. As one of the heaviest built and highest quality cones on the market, these hopper cones are designed as a long lasting storage solution for all crop types.

  • Mounting ring for added strength
  • Tight, no leak connection to hopper cone
  • 40 Degree slop on cone bottomseam
  • Storage of Grain
Accessories & Options
  • Full Centrifugal Fan system


OptionStorage Capacity
Storage Capacity
Height (m)Diameter (m)
22 - 4.98726719810.956.71
22 - 6.12847823012.16.71
22 - 7.26967726313.56.71