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Meridian Augers

The massive task of moving grain is made easy with augers supplied by Grain Logic. We are the sole Australian distributor of the premium Canadian Meridian grain auger range – a renowned, trusted and quality grain auger product. We can provide clients throughout Australia with conventional augers and swing away augers depending on the product you need.

Meridian’s heavy-duty conventional auger is one of the fastest, quietest and safest loading augers on the market.  The innovative undercarriage and axle design create better weight distribution and our self-levelling motor mount ensures consistent belt tension regardless of the height of the auger, resulting in unparalleled loading performance.

Meridian’s Swing Auger range are rugged and versatile, accommodating any job.  The frame design allows for better weight distribution, easy manoeuvrability and providing stability when operating the auger in the raised position.  Our goal is to equip the farm operation for optimum efficiency and performance as well as safety.

Meridian’s scissor lift mechanical drive grain auger is powder coated for a durable long-lasting finish. The reversing kit comes standard with our Meridian Swing Auger.  The hopper lift can accommodate any operating situation by placing the hopper on the left or right side of the main tube.  Meridian’s 14” Swing Auger moves up to 15,000 bushels an hour and is one of the quietest augers on the market, you can trust the Meridian Swing Auger for unparalleled loading performance.

Backed by 70 years’ experience in design and fabrication, with advice and input directly from farm operators, Meridian once again sets industry standards in grain handling equipment.