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Recon Hay Conditioners

Ag Shield’s Recon is an innovative hay conditioner that significantly decreases the time it takes for your swaths to dry (30 – 65% faster). The Recon’s roller design provides unmatched moisture release with its exclusive crimping frequency and can be outfitted with a Mounted Tedder and Side Deflectors for complete control of swath structure and air flow. Ag Shield’s Recon hay conditioner gives you more control over harvesting your hay and helps you maximize the quality of your product.

  • Precision-timed and lathed steel crushing rollers
  • Quick-Set Slider (for roller clearance adjustment)
  • 115 HP clutch
  • Highway-rated flotation tires
  • High capacity field speeds of up to 10 MPH (16 KM/Hr)
  • Recon 300 Pull-Type (operate with 540/1000 RPM with a 75 – 150 HP tractor).


  • Ag Shield Recon Hay Conditioners feature an exclusive spiraled roller design that crushes crop stems at every other inch.
  • The frequency of this crimping ensures that there is less distance for moisture to travel in order to escape; maximizing moisture release.
  • Cuts drying time in half (more for coarser stemmed crops).


  • Mower conditioner swaths tend to collapse within 4-5 hours.
  • The Recon reconditions and refluffs swaths to promote better airflow.
  • The partially dry swaths stay fluffed longer once a Recon conditions them, making for a faster drying process.
  • Combined with the Recon’s crimping process, drying crop has never been more efficient.


  • Using a Recon guarantees fewer days until baling. Using the Recon makes it possible to bale dry hay within 30-60 hrs after cutting.
  • The Recon allows you to better manage the weather. If there are 2-3 days before rain is forecast, you can beat the rain and get your hay off the field if you are using the Recon.
  • With less days lying in the field you will be able to maximize your Relative Forage Value and ultimately increase your bottom line.
  • You can save $50+ per ton by using a Recon hay conditioner and not delaying harvest.
Accessories & Options
  • Recon 400 3 Point Hitch model
  • Side Deflectors
  • Mounted Tedder
  • Tandem Wheels (for rough conditions)