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Land Terraformer

Ag Shield wanted to build a single machine that could replace multiple machines on the farm. The Terraformer was designed and built with the experience gained from nearly 15 years in mining and heavy construction. With a simple design, limited welds and over built mild steel construction, the Terraformer will be easy to maintain and repair and will work well in cold weather conditions.

Designed from the ground up with ease of transport, safety and low cost. With a twelve foot fully assembled transport width the Terraformer can be transported without pilot vehicles and no re-assembly after delivery. For rail shipment or restricted route delivery, simply pull 2 pins for a 10 foot 4 inch (3.4m) transport width. When transporting inside a sea container simply remove the spindle and 8 Pins for a 91 inch (2.3m) transport width. Tires rated for tow speeds up to 70 km/hr.

  • Hardened cutting edges
  • Standard construction grade ripper tip & end bits (D7, D9, D11 Dozer)
  • Industrial cylinders (Bolt on glands & Induction hardened rods)
  • Bull pull hitch – Cat 4 or Cat 5
  • Radial flotation tires
  • Under 12 ft (3.6m) transport width with LED strobe marker lights


  • Earth shaping Multi-Tool
  • Contour land fast and efficiently
  • Maximum cutting width of 8.65 meters (28 ft)
  • One size fits for all tractors 400 Hp and up
  • Capture up to 27 yards (24.7m) in U blade configuration
  • Infinite V adjustments to cut a flat ditch bottom from 12ft (3.6m) -28ft (85.m)
  • Auto grade and slope ready
  • 14 ton
Accessories & Options
  • Electric over Hydraulic valves or multipliers
  • Back slope control by SD Drain
  • Factory RTK & Laser guidance systems
  • SD Drain
  • Trimble
  • Ditch Assist